KLAIM unites 250 healthcare leaders in first-ever Iftar dinner

  • 23rd May, 2022

The event included more than 250 healthcare professionals in attendance including owners, CEOs, chairpersons, and medical directors of hospitals, dental clinics, pharmacies, and medical centres from the region


KLAIM, a fintech company committed to improving the revenue cycle management of healthcare providers, recently organised an Iftar gala dinner for C-level managers and other healthcare professionals at The Address Boulevard in Downtown Dubai to discuss ways to improve the healthcare industry in the country.


The event was attended by over 250 healthcare leaders, including key decision makers such as owners, CEOs, chairpersons, and medical directors from various hospitals, dental clinics, pharmacies, and medical centres. The institutions included Medcare, Saudi German Hospital, Emirates European Hospital, Emirates Hospitals Group, and Al Futtaim Healthcare, among others, which gathered in an atmosphere especially made for networking, accompanied by authentic cuisine and Arabic music to celebrate the holiday occasion.


Karim Dakki, CEO, KLAIM opened thedinner with a speech that outlined the sizable efforts that healthcare providers have put into the industry, transforming the UAE into a global leader in the improvement of healthcare services. Dakki emphasised that the nation’s reputation in raising the bar for quality healthcare could not be materialised without the commitment, creativity, and innovation of the healthcare providers in attendance.

Dakki also went on to highlight the mission for the healthcare industry going forward. In particular, this mission included how KLAIM is transforming healthcare RCM through its RCM 2.0 platforms that seek to make RCM more efficient, as well as its healthcare advanced financing solution that seeks to improve the cash flow of providers.


During an interactive Q&A session, KLAIM emphasised that medical claim denial rates need to be lowered, with 30 per cent of new claims and 15 per cent of resubmitted claims being rejected in the UAE, according to Aster DM Healthcare. This is an issue that stands out as a major hurdle for sustainable healthcare industry growth, and emerging technology in automation can help RCM teams overcome this challenge.


The networking opportunities after the Q&A was the highlight of the Iftar gala dinner, allowing various healthcare leaders and stakeholders to exchange ideas about how to improve their cash flow and transform their RCM for more profitability. New relationships were formed, new ideas were discussed, and new partnerships were envisaged. "The healthcare industry in the GCC has huge potential that can be explored if various healthcare providers can come together to share ideas and work together towards common goals. We hope this event will be the beginning of such idea-sharing and cooperation," Dakki said.


Due to the success of the event, KLAIM is now looking to organise more such events to unite the healthcare community in the UAE, and, very soon, the entire GCC. The global healthcare industry is striving to reduce healthcare costs, improve healthcare outcomes for patients, and enhance healthcare access. None of these goals are achievable without ensuring that healthcare providers remain sustainably profitable. The coming together of some of the brightest minds in the industry will unearth various creative and innovative ways to improve the performance of healthcare providers as a condition for reducing healthcare cost, improving healthcare outcomes, and enhancing healthcare access.



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