86% of Claim Denials Are Avoidable:

Maximize Acceptance Rate With One Simple Tool

Maximize claim acceptance, stabilize your cash flow, and streamline staffing costs. Klaim Inspector is the only tool that detects data-filling errors and automatically compares diagnoses with provided services for higher acceptance rates.

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How much are
claim denials costing you?

An alarming 15%-30% of claims are rejected.*

And the results are costly: lost revenue, unreliable cash flow, and escalating staffing costs as your team works overtime to troubleshoot and resubmit claims.

Over time, these costs can prevent you from investing in growth. In some cases, they lead to bankruptcy.

*These figures are based on internal research as reported by Entrepreneur Middle East.

86% of claim denials
are avoidable*

So we created an easy-to-use tool
called Klaim Inspector that:

Scans claims for mistakes

Recommends fixes and adjustments

Predicts acceptance likelihood as a percentage

*These figures are based on internal research as reported by Entrepreneur Middle East.

The result?

Higher revenues, reliable cash flow, and lower operational costs.

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Find and fixMedical
Necessity mistakes
in your claims

Your staff will be able to find and fix issues that would be nearly impossible to see otherwise—and achieve an even higher acceptance rate.

Inspector’s AI Doctor has a 89% success rate in identifying accurate claims and an 82% success rate in identifying denied claims.

Bulk checking and more

Bulk claim checking

Processing speeds surpassing industry standards

Claim scrubber

Finds missing data in seconds

Download reports

With denial reasons, risk scores, and more

Rule engine

Cross references data with medical and coding rules

Trusted by 40+ healthcare providers
in the UAE and KSA





Advanced Data


Start minimizing lost revenue today

Klaim Inspector helps increase profitability and invest more in business growth.

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