Simplify claim management
Speed up payments
Maximize profits

We help healthcare providers small and large maximize revenue,
predict cash flow and finance their pending claims

Simplify your claim process is an easy to use platform that simplifies the painful and dated process of claim management through smart automation.

Dr. Adam Altiti

Specialist Dermatology and Venereology Medical Director of Dar Al Shifa Hospitals

“KLAIM helps us track revenues and insurance rejections of all claims in real time. As a medical director, using KLAIM helps me track our daily operations. It is the best, fastest and most accurate solution in the medical sector.”


Get control over the business

KLAIM.AI gives you back the control over your business and helps you get paid what you’re owed by insurance companies, on time!


Insurance coordinator and receptionist Shine & Smile Dental Clinic

“Every staff here in Shine & Smile Dental clinic recommend this software. KLAIM makes our life easier”


Access to immediate cash

KLAIM.AI is an easy-to-use platform that simplifies the painful process of claim management.

Ma. Carla Sityar

Eligibility department Dar Al Shifaa Hospital

“I’m using because its simple to use, you can save a lot of time in our reception and it helps a lot for taking patients eligibility with no time, its user friendly and effective to hospital claim management service”


Industry - Leading features

Instant insurance and billing visibility at your fingertips through a series of dashboards and comprehensive reports covering your entire revenue cycle.


Submission and Resubmission

Submit and resubmit without downloading, editing and re-uploading hundreds of xml files. Streamlined and automated claim resubmission that eliminates human errors, saves meaningful time and hard-earned cash.



Real-time dashboard and reports that allows you to keep track of pending, rejected and expiring claims to make right decisions on the spot.



Instantly extract comprehensive reports with accurate and easy-to-read data to understand the most common reasons for claim denials and rejections.



Soon, providers will be able to apply for working capital and ease their cash flows by getting advance payments from KLAIM without having to wait for insurance companies to pay you in 90 days or even more

Why Choose Us?

KLAIM.AI is the next-generation claim management platform designed to let you concentrate on running your practice while we take care of boosting your financial performance and ease your cash flow.


Accounts Department Dar Al Shifaa Hospital

“KLAIM is very useful in terms of reconciling payment details especially in our facility that is currently using a system that needs human intervention in order to update data from Shafafiya Portal. Checking and downloading reports from KLAIM saves time and avoids duplication in preparing reports for the management”


Unlike human, KLAIM.AI doesn’t make mistakes and always provides accurate statistical data

Easy onboarding

Be up and running in 5 minutes and have all your claim historical data fully reconciled and finally see what is happening with your insurance companies.

No maintenance fees

Your yearly subscription fee cover all the maintenance without hidden fees


KLAIM.AI is compatible with government portals eClaimLink and Shafafiya

No installation charges

Your yearly subscription fee cover all the maintenance without hidden fees


Managing AED 1.5 Million worth of claims, 50+ healthcare providers are trusting us

Hear from our clients

More Than AED 1.5 Million Worth Of Claims Are Already Managed by 50+ Healthcare are Providers on our platform and we have just recently launched!