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The only claim funding platform for healthcare providers

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We improve profitability and cash flow
for healthcare providers.

Klaim.ai helps healthcare providers ease their cash flow constraints
by purchasing pending medical claims in less than 7 days.

Save resources & time

Easy claim management
and real-time analytics at your fingertips.

Speed up payments

Get the cash you need in 4
simple steps and no hidden fees.

Claim intelligence & funding
from one single platform

Access to immediate

Ease your risk of delayed payments and get paid
what you’re owed by insurance companies, on time!


Apply for working capital to get advance payments.

Faster payments

No need to wait for insurance companies to pay you in 90 days or more.

Take control of
your business

Instant insurance visibility with dashboards covering your entire revenue cycle.

Real-time analytics

Keep track of pending, rejected and expiring claims and make the right decisions on the spot.

Easy integration

Extract reports with real-time data from Shafafiya & eClaimLink for full transparency on claims status and history.

Simplify your claim

Plug-in to the best claim management software and simplify the painful process of claim management.

Streamlined and automated claim submission

Eliminate human errors, save resources, time and hard-earned cash.

Submit and resubmit claims

No more downloading, editing and re-uploading hundreds of xml files.

Why Choose Us?

Klaim.ai is the next-generation claim management platform designed to let you concentrate on running your practice
while we take care of boosting your financial performance and easing your cash flow.


Unlike humans, Klaim.ai doesn’t make mistakes and always provides accurate statistical data.


Klaim.ai is compatible with government portals eClaimLink and Shafafiya.

Easy to use

User-friendly interface, easy to understand and navigate with zero tech skills needed.

Trusted by hundreds
of healthcare providers


In UAE and KSA


Healthcare providers satisfied

+700 mio. AED

Worth of claims managed

Hear from our clients

“Klaim.ai is the best, fastest & most accurate solution in the medical sector.”

Dr Adam Ali Titi

Specialist Dermatology and Venereology Medical Director of Dar Al Shifa Hospitals

“Every staff here in Shine & Smile Dental clinic recommends Klaim.ai, it makes our life easier.”

Insurance coordinator and receptionist at Shine & Smile Dental Clinic

The ultimate fintech
platform for healthcare.

Klaim.ai is built on cutting-edge technologies developed
by a team highly experienced in revenue cycle management
and powered by artificial intelligence.

Get started

Sign up with your eClaimLink or Shafafiya
login or contact us for a demo.

No installation & maintenance fees

Your yearly subscription fees cover all the maintenance without hidden fees.

Easy onboarding

Be up and running in 5 minutes and have all your historical claim data.

Contact us >
Indigo Icon Tower 3404, JLT Cluster F, Dubai, UAE
+971 (0)4 876 4096
National address RRMA3141, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
+966 (0)11 510 2972
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