About us

Klaim is an award-winning fintech company headquartered in Abu Dhabi Global Market ADGM, Abu Dhabi, UAE with offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Riyadh. Since 2019, we’ve been revolutionizing the healthcare industry by giving providers access to the working capital they need to grow faster and serve patients better. By helping providers thrive, we help patients thrive too.

What we do

By regulation, accepted claims should be paid within 45 days after submission. However, according to our database, a typical cycle from submission preparation to claim payment takes between 60 to 90 days, heavily impacting healthcare facilities cash flow. On average, insurers take 120 days to pay 90% of submitted claims.

We work to restore a balance of power between providers and insurance companies by converting pending claims into working capital within 24 hours of submission. This liberates providers to get back to what’s important: caring for patients.

We accomplish this using an innovative combination of claim purchasing, user-friendly software tools, and expert done-for-you services. Our software tools are simple yet sophisticated and embrace the latest in artificial intelligence and smart automation.

Our current focus is healthcare providers in the UAE and KSA. In the future, we anticipate expanding across the GCC and beyond.

How we started

Klaim is the result of a spontaneous coffee meeting.

Cofounders Ghafoor Ahmad and Karim Dakki met for the first time at a coworking space. A casual conversation about their respective careers led to a sudden brainstorm: instead of seeking reimbursement on the provider’s behalf, why not purchase the claim instead?

This conversation birthed our Klaim Kapital concept, which became the foundation for our full range of solutions.

After launching, dozens of healthcare providers in the UAE participated in our beta program. More recently, we’ve officially partnered with Dubai Healthcare City to give stakeholders special access to our services.

Today, we’re motivated by the profound impact our solutions have had on healthcare providers. So far, our solutions have saved three providers from the brink of bankruptcy and helped many others achieve faster growth and better patient care.

Meet our team


Karim Dakki

Chief Executive Officer

Karim Dakki is an instinctive leader with a stellar 15-year track record in highly demanding private equity and technology management environments. He previously cofounded a Myanmar-based telecom company valued at 700 million USD and has delivered outstanding results as an acting CFO in multiple organizations. Karim’s relentless commitment to excellence has been a driving force in Klaim’s impressive growth.

Ghafoor Ahmad

Chief Revenue Officer

Ghafoor Ahmad is a highly accomplished executive, visionary leader, and serial entrepreneur. He has delivered extraordinary results in sales and leadership roles throughout his 17-year career. Ghafoor also founded AGA Medical Billing Services, one of the UAE’s leading revenue cycle management companies. His exceptional leadership skills have played a pivotal role in Klaim’s rapid growth and market disruption.

Board of Directors

Eli A. Chedid

CARE for Hospital Planning & Equipping

Eli A. Chedid is a successful entrepreneur with 40 years of experience in business development, sales, and operations in the healthcare industry. His extensive knowledge comes from a broad range of corporate managerial involvement, including strategic planning and execution, industry positioning, and building awareness among leading US and international healthcare companies.

Abdullah A. AlOthaim

Chief Executive Officer at Mad'a Investment Company

Abdullah A. AlOthaim is the founder and CEO of Mad’a Investment Company, a venture capital and private equity firm headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. During his career, he has achieved successful investments in many growth capital companies.

Dr. Majed AlAmeel

Director of Health Solutions at Elm Company

Dr. Majed AlAmeel leads his firm’s efforts to support healthcare organizations in the development of digital health and integrated information strategies and implementations. His specialties include business development, financial growth, relationship management, product development, and digital health.

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