How Automated Eligibility Checking Leads toHappier Patients.

Use Klaim Eligible to check patient eligibility on 94% of insurance portals, all at once. Minimize wait times, improve the patient experience, streamline staffing costs, and dramatically reduce claim denials due to eligibility-related mistakes. mobile

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If you’re facing…

Patients frustrated by
long check-in times

Frequent eligibility-
related claim denials

eligibility procedures

Rising front-desk
staffing costs

…you needautomated
eligibility checking!

Dramatically reduce lost revenue due to eligibility-related claim denials

Streamline staffing costs by improving front-desk efficiency

Drastically improve your patient experience and satisfaction

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With Klaim Eligible, your staff will be able to…

Instantly check

patient credentials across 94% of insurance portals, all at once


patients’ insurance in a few clicks, even if they forget coverage details

Easily re-check

eligibility to detect changes that would otherwise lead to a denial

Bulk eligibility checks
allow you to…

Check hundreds of patients in minutes instead of hours

Save hours of manual work for your patient service team

Check in patients ahead of time for a first-class experience

Klaim Eligible is the only solution on the market that integrates with 94% of insurance portals.

Trusted by 40+ healthcare providers
in the UAE and KSA

Established in




Offices in the

UAE, KSA, and Oman

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